This group adopted the station in 2018; they are a small group of four people making a huge impact. They maintain the planters with a colourful array of plants, regularly change the content of the community noticeboards using their own photos, promote the station and rail travel and help to make sure the station is a safe and welcoming place by litter picking and reporting any faults to the train company. 

One of the most impactive projects they have undertaken, with the full support of train operating company, Northern, has been welcoming artwork on both platforms.  

The proposal for the artwork was submitted to Northern in 2019 but, as a result of the Covid-19 restrictions, it was not possible to start work at the station until July 2020.  Sarah Jarman was commissioned to design and then create the approved design. During three weeks in July and early August, she created large murals transforming the drab brickwork into something colourful and welcoming.  Sarah was also able to use her skills to create the totems which can now be seen on the planters at the station.  These feature the British Rail NER colours.

Sell montage of images from Blaydon StationSo, if you are in Blaydon, why not pop along to the station and take a look.  Or if you are travelling on a train through Blaydon you will be sure to see the finished result.

You can find out more about artist Sarah at or follow her on Facebook @sarahjarmanart.

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