In AD 122 the Roman Emperor Hadrian ordered the building of a wall across the country from the Tyne to the Solway to separate the land of the Britons from the land of the Picts. This wall then marked the northern frontier of Rome's huge Empire. Today it is a World Heritage Site with numerous attractions to visit.  The surrounding countryside provides a stunning background and offering a spectacular vista for exploring, sightseeing, stargazing and miles of exhilarating walks.  2022 will see the 1900th anniversary of the Wall and this will be celebrated with events throughout the year.

See the Hadrian's Wall Country website for more information about places to see and visit.  Bookings for some of the various attractions can be made on the website too.  Take a look to find some of the places you may wish to visit in coming months.

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You can use public transport to get to some of the attractions; some are within walking distance of a railway stations.  The AD122 bus provides an excellent connections from Hexham and Haltwhistle railway stations to some of the major sites along the Wall during summer months with a more limited service in winter.  Find more about  the bus connections here

Walltown Crags