Hexham is the largest town in West Northumberland standing on the banks of the River Tyne. It has an iHexham Abbeympressive mediaeval abbey, a town full of cobbled streets with an assortment of fascinating little shops.

Walking from the Market Square, through the medieval archway you will see the Hexham Gaol which which was England's first purpose-built prison which houses the Border History Museum.  The Gaol is open during the summer months.

During the summer months free walking tours around the town are available - meeting place just outside the Gaol.

Hexham Abbey at the heart of the town dates back to the 7th century and its Saxon crypt may still be seen.

There is a good range of shops in the town including a large number of antique shops. 

There is a cinema, leisure centre, ten-pin bowling, theatre and arts centre, or you can have a leisurely stroll in Tyne Green Park.

Hexham Platform 2

For further information see www.hexhamnet.co.uk

At Hexham Station, there is a wonderful kiosk selling drinks and some delicious cakes.  Operated by the charity, Journey, who supports people with learning disabilities.  So when you are at the station, do call in say hello and treat yourself to a delicious snack

More trains will be operating to/from Hexham from 19 May 2019.  You can find the comprehensive timetable here or why not print or save the following departure times here

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